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Made by Yoke was born from founder Tamara's desire to slow down and go within; resulting in relocating from New York to Australia to study Ayurveda and change her life. Made By Yoke's philosophy is steeped in the intention to connect to people, places, and rituals that are nourishing; and is based on the belief that each person has the innate power to heal and transform their lives. After all, self care is EMPOWERING.

An ancient Ayurvedic ritual, tongue cleaning can help improve oral hygiene by removing the toxins that lay on the surface of the tongue – and by doing so will also improve your general ability to taste.

Use these Copper / Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner daily in the morning to remove build-up of undigested particles on your tongue that multiply while you sleep. Copper, in particular, has an antibacterial effect, which makes this instrument effective and easy to clean.

Size: 4 x 13cm

Stainless Steel 48g
Copper 51g

Use Made by Yoke tongue scraper each morning to set your digestion for the day and stimulate your internal organs while promoting oral health. Use again each night in your nightly oral routine.

Care: The tongue cleaner is easy to clean with warm water and natural soap. Simply rinse with your hands then pat dry with a towel. Clean your scraper each morning after use to ensure the removal of unwanted bacteria.