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Rosas Frescas Room Diffuser 750ML

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Founder and Creative Director of Coqui Coqui, Nicolas Malleville, has always been fascinated by travel, history and the explorer’s lifestyle, and is captivated by the charm of the Yucatan. Malleville founded Coqui Coqui Perfumeria in 2003 with a clear objective in mind: to recover the monks’ old formulas and fuse them together with the legacy of ancient Mayan medicine. The natural tropical scents of the Yucatan region inspire every fragrance of its dedicated collection, as does the landscape, people, culture and lifestyle, in addition to the state’s rich, centuries-old history of perfume production.

Turn the room into a garden of roses with the aroma of Rosas Frescas. In Englisn it means ‘Fresh Roses’, an enchanting scent that celebrates love. Combined with a touch of citrus lemon for an uplifting and energising floral blend, an open, inviting fragrance that can be enjoyed from morning to evening.

  • Fresh Roses
  • The freshness of white rose petals

Net Weight: 750ml