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No. 4 Betel Concrete Bowl Diffuser

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Photo/genics + Co is a Los Angeles-based aromatics brand, creating custom home and fine fragrances. It was conceived in 2017 as a subdivision of Photo/genics Media, one of LA’s premier fashion agencies. Photo/genics + CO fragrances are deeply rooted in a holistic and organic California lifestyle, using custom essential oil blends and ingredients. The one-of-a-kind scents draw on the therapeutic properties and psychoactive effects of herbs and plants, and are presented in sculptural vessels with a nod to the brutalist architectural movement.

Ceremonial offerings, tradition and a Vietnamese proverb translated as “the coming together of two souls” are all used as an intriguing starting point for this No. 4 Betel scent.

Herbaceous notes of cypress, bergamot and lavender give way to a mix of smoky tobacco and green notes of fir needles and hyacinth. The smouldering theme continues with a base that features darjeeling, complemented with jasmine and rosewood – all able to be experienced with the Concrete Bowl Diffuser.

Top notes: Cypress, Bergamot, Lavender
Middle notes: Tonacco, Fir needle, Hyacinth
Base notes: Darjeeling, Jasmine, Rosewood

Concrete Bowl Vessel
Size: 10cm

Essential Oil
Net Weight: 14g

To activate the rocks, soak with 8-12 droplets of the solution and continue the process with 4-5 drops when needed to gently increase the intensity. Like with all good things, it only gets better with age.