St. Soleil

'Child of the Universe' Oracle Deck & Book in Gold

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Founded under a new moon in 2018, St Soleil has been quietly attracting a cult-following of Modern Mystics with its alluring range of spiritually-considered offerings. Known for their refined, quality pieces and intuitive process of creation, St Soleil creates timeless pieces intended to be treasured everyday while nourishing your soul for years to come.“St. Soleil” literally translates into “Saint Sun” or “Holy Sun”, and represents our own luminous Sun, the centre of our Solar System, the life-giving vital energy that nourishes us all, and illuminates our world.

This Child Of The Universe – Oracle Deck and Book is a highly coveted, 60-Card Oracle Deck and Book Set that bridges the Heavens and Earth. It pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you channeled guidance from Universal Source, and can be used by beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The 480-page guidebook is here to guide you into expanding your knowledge into the technical and magical realms of Astrology. Drawing knowledge from astrological based elements such as the Zodiac, Lunar Phases, Planets, Luminaries and Oracle Guidance Cards to help you explore a more spiritual experience here on Earth by tapping into your own heart-based intuition.

60-Card Oracle Deck in Honey Gold
480 page Hardcover Guidebook
Traditional Tarot card size 7 x 12cm
1 Organic cotton Tarot Cloth

  • Store within keepsake box or pouch away from sunlight
  • Shuffle carefully and on soft surfaces
  • Full care card provided