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Abalone Shells

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Whilst graduating UCLA with a degree in Business Economics and French, though dreaming of attending culinary school, Christina Liu was diverted from both after she discovered ceramics and fell in love. Deeply rooted in functionality, but not limited by it, Christina Liu uses the forms of functional vessels as a starting point for her designs, and results in intricate objects that evoke a sense of joy at the revelation of details that become apparent while in use. Combining her love for clay and the culinary arts, Christina can be found in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

The abalone shell inspired the design of this Small Abalone Shell is a continuation of Christina Liu’s exploration into the boundaries of realism. Using ceramics as a medium, and edible ingredients as inspiration, this piece was made especially for The New Moon, and feature 22K gold luster and ideal as a holder for burning sage or palo santo.

Small / Medium / Large
Size: 9cm / 12cm / 15cm
Weight: 64g / 110g / 157g

  • Slight variations from piece to piece are normal as they are all unique and made by hand
  • All ceramic pieces are fired to vitrification using oxidation or reduction methods, but should be handled with care
  • The satin matte glaze may develop surface crackles over time; this is a natural process that does not affect the structure or usage of the piece
  • For pieces featuring gold luster, avoid using the microwave and dishwasher and hand wash with care