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Synergy Oil Burner-Picasso

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Founded in 2010, Addition Studio envision a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind can come together seamlessly. Designed and made in Australia, Addition Studio creates furniture, lighting, and objects for the home inspired by popular culture, health and wellbeing, ancient rituals, sculptural aesthetics and modern art to create products that are beautiful – but also practical and easy to use.

Minimal yet striking, the Synergy Oil Burner from the Picasso collection is the one to go for if you like a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Each burner also comes with a 5ml bottle of lavender essential oil and an Australian-made beeswax candle.

Size: 8.7 x 8.7 x 17 cm

Weight: 1.3kg

  • Light the candle and put it in the base of the burner, then replace the lid.
  • Place a few drops of essential oil in the lid’s reservoir.
  • Enjoy the gentle, calming scent that rises from the diffusing oil.