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7AM Incense

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Established in 2014, Cinnamon Projects is a New York based design studio founded by husbands Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse. Adhering to the modernist mantra “form follows function”, their designs are minimalist expressions which honor ancient rituals and natural materials, in forms created for purpose and crafted by hand. Perpetually curious and motivated by a love for fragrance, artifacts and image making, an ever-evolving collection of burning incense, fine perfume oils and objects was created and has since been coveted and collected around the world.

Start the day on a calm but powerful note with Cinnamon Projects’ 7am Incense, featuring a blend of black tea, clay, driftwood and marigold fragrance notes. Each stick has a 25-minute burn time – long enough to enhance your morning rituals, whether a meditation session, yoga or simply sipping a cup of tea while watching the world wake up.

Black Tea Clay Driftwood Marigold

Contains 25 incense sticks
25 minutes burn time per stick